Chris Geraghty, KRHS faculty member, shares his AmeriCorps experiences: KRHS Awareness Day 2008

"Awareness Day is one of the best things we do here in Kearsarge. It allows kids to have access to this type of information, get the information, without being dictated to…simply collecting the information and making their own determinations and decisions as to what they learn. It’s a great day. I’m glad we do it here."

- Dr. Thomas Brennan, Superintendent, Kearsarge Regional School District, March 2008

Awareness UNlimited     Deb Barry

The mission of Awareness UNlimited is to facilitate awareness and diversity programming with schools, businesses, civic groups/organizations, and communities, fostering understanding and respect, opening minds and opening worlds.

Awareness UNlimited provides consulting, organization, and production services to individuals and groups interested in developing programming which best addresses their awareness and diversity needs/desires. Consultation with the individual/group allows Awareness UNlimited to work with clients to develop appropriate, interesting, and stimulating programming specific to their issues and concerns. Programming can be facilitated and produced through Awareness UNlimited if desired. Various types of activities and events can be recommended and put in place: workshops, seminars, performances, speakers, film series, assemblies, full-day events combining many types of activities.

Founded in 2007 by Deb Barry, Awareness UNlimited was born from Deb's work as an educator for over 21 years. During that time, Deb taught in several schools in New Hampshire and Colorado where she worked closely with a wide variety of students. Her experiences with these students gave her insight into the many challenges they were facing not only academically, but also socially, as acceptance, understanding, and respect often were not a part of their lives. Race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, substance abuse, interests, or simply being "the new kid" posed daily, sometimes "invisible," issues for many students. Deb saw how those types of challenges are integrally interwoven in students' abilities to succeed, or even to survive, both in and out of the school community. Working with and through students, Deb developed several programs and activities to help raise awareness and promote understanding of social, political, cultural, wellness, religious, and career issues in the world around us at local, state, national, and global levels . After several years of facilitating very successful awareness and diversity programming at Kearsarge Regional High School, Deb decided to expand the outreach to other schools and organizations. Awareness UNlimited is the result of her deep desire to assist others with this vital task...not only for schools, but just as importantly with all "communities."