Kathy Lowe-Bloch at KRHS Awareness Day 2006 (photo: Deb Barry)

Kathy Lowe Bloch (singer, songwriter, musician, photographer):

Kathy is a New Hampshire native descended from a long line of vaudeville and circus relatives. She plays guitar, dulcimer, and an array of drums from around the world. Kathy has 5 CDs available from children's music to original seasonal carols. Kathy offers a variety of programs including: preschool sing-a-long and instrument participation; songwriting workshops; community intergenerational music; special populations music therapy; concert performance of original compositions; team-building through music workshops; performance art where photographic images found in earth come alive through mask; song and drum. As a photographer, Kathy is most noted for her "Petreflections": photographs of land reflected in water.